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Sustainability Report 2020

FUJIFILM Holdings Sustainability Report 2020 comprises two parts, SVP Stories and Management Performance. Overviews of each part follow.

SVP Stories:
The sustainability scenario is described as concrete actions toward SVP2030.

Management Performance:
Focusing on data, FY2020 activity results are covered comprehensively in each of the ESG aspects, Environment, Social and Governance.

  • * In the Sustainability Report 2020 and reports published prior to 2020, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. and its affiliates are presented under their former names (such as Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.).

Sustainability Report 2019

FUJIFILM Holdings Sustainability Report 2019 comprises two parts in response to recent demand for information disclosure. One is Management Performance and the other is SVP Stories. Overviews of each part follow.

SVP Stories:
The sustainability scenario is described as concrete actions toward SVP2030.

Management Performance:
In addition to the contents covered in the "Data and Information" section of the previous year's report, FY2019 activity results in ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) areas are comprehensively covered.

Sustainability Report 2018

This year's report describes our intention in creating SVP2030 and its relationship with the overall management plan, VISION2019. The target year for SVP2030 was set to align with the Paris Agreement and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which both set 2030 as their benchmark year.
The report also covers our approaches to the priority issues, the goals of SVP2030, and our major activities in FY2017.

[Picture]Sustainability Report 2018 Cover

Sustainability Report 2017

This year's Report features our main activities in FY2016, the final year of SVP2016, organized in line with its three promotion policies, a review of the past three years and an outline of the new CSR Plan SVP2030 announced in August 2017.

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Sustainability Report 2016

This Report describes the progress in FY2015 along with Fujifilm Group's Medium-Term CSR Plan, Sustainable Value Plan 2016 which started in 2014. FY2015 places us halfway through SVP2016, and the Report spotlights progress made under the three promotion policies.Additionally, the Group's priority issues were reexamined from the perspective of "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" adopted at the UN General Assembly in September 2015. The review findings are also featured. At the same time, we have focused on visual effects and layout to present the contents of and progress with our activities in an easy-to-understand manner, using icons to emphasize important points, and color codes to distinguish articles related to each policy, as we did in the Report 2015.

[Picture]Sustainability Report 2016 Cover

Sustainability Report 2015

This report focuses on the first year's activity results of the Fujifilm Group's Sustainable Value Plan 2016, a Medium-Term CSR Plan that started in FY2014.

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Sustainability Report 2014

Using several illustrations and photographs, this report introduces Fujifilm Group's Approach to CSR, CSR Activity Report 2013, and directions of movement (Medium-Term CSR Plan) with a desire of a wider outreach among people.

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Sustainability Report 2013

Following on from last year, this year's report continues to focus on providing value through corporate activities and global challenges. The special articles cover various topics in our strategic businesses to introduce the social issues we recognize and our staff members' passion for attempting to resolve such problems, as well as covering opinions from our stakeholders.

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Sustainability Report 2012

The Report has been organized into three sections: "Feature: Meeting Global Challenges with the Power of Technology"; "CSR Activity Report"; and "Data and Information." These areas are based on the keywords, providing value through corporate activities, global, and overall capabilities.

[Picture]Sustainability Report 2012 Cover

Sustainability Report 2011

This report, mainly focusing on CSR activities in fiscal 2010, introduces a wide range of Fujifilm Group's initiatives such as businesses generating new values through collaboration among the Group and also describes recovery efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

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Sustainability Report 2010

We created this sustainability report based on our wish to provide as much information as possible on CSR activities carried out throughout our businesses pursuits.

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Sustainability Report 2009

Based on the concept "compact, easy to read, and highly intelligible," this report provides selected information on our CSR activities conducted during the fiscal year 2008, which is particularly important to the Fujifilm Group and stakeholders.

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Sustainability Report 2008

This report presents CSR efforts with a focus on CSR issues outlined in the Medium-term CSR Plan of the Fujifilm Group. For CSR topics in fiscal 2008, please refer to the feature, "Enhancing Quality of Life."

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Sustainability Report 2007

The first edition of the report to be issued under FUJIFILM Holdings. In the Feature section, we introduce efforts toward "Enhancing Quality of Life," a key component of our corporate philosophy.

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