Sustainable Value Plan 2030

Supply Chain

Strengthen CSR foundations across the entire supply chain including factors of the environment, ethics, and human rights.

Social Background and Issues

Goals under Sustainable Value Plan 2030

Strengthen CSR foundations across the entire supply chain.

In the Fujifilm Group with a wide variety of businesses, the range of production related materials has increased and our supply chain now covers a wide range of fields. We understand the significance of corporate social responsibility and corporate ethics, and are implementing CSR activities to contribute to the sustainable development of society. However, it is impossible to achieve this through our own efforts alone, and it is important to tackle the issue across the entire supply chain. We ask our suppliers and partners related to the Group manufacturing processes to understand the importance of CSR management. With their understanding and cooperation, we will build a firm and strong CSR foundation by working together to resolve social issues.

Priority Issues

Strengthen CSR Foundations across the Entire Supply Chain

Target for 2030

(1) Realize sustainable procurement considering the environment, ethics and human rights

(2) Ensure compliance with legislation on biodiversity

In SVP 2030, we have reconfirmed CSR as a priority issue, notably factors concerning the environment, ethics, and human rights. Under the Fujifilm Group's Procurement Policy, we are strengthening our CSR foundation together with our suppliers to build a sounder supply chain that would achieve sustainable procurement. In addition, based upon the Fujifilm Group Basic Concepts and Action Guidelines for Biodiversity Conservation (Guidelines for Biodiversity) established in June 2009, the Fujifilm Group is engaging in a wide range of environmental protection activities for the conservation and protection of biodiversity to sustain the various benefits we now receive from our ecosystem into the future.