CSR activity report

Supply Chain

Strengthen CSR foundations across the entire supply chain including factors of the environment, ethics, and human rights.

Outline of Activities in FY2019

  • Dissemination of our Code of Conduct, Collection of receipt: 398 companies, 98%
  • CSR self-check:
     Number of suppliers requested/Response rate: 263 companies, 98%
     Percentage of suppliers with 90% or higher conformance rate: 87%
  • Visit and check: Number of suppliers evaluated/Plan achievement rate: 39 companies, 76%
  • Supplier response rate for conflict minerals survey/Percentage of conflict-free smelters in conflict minerals survey: 98%, 76%
  • Percentage of suppliers fulfilling our paper procurement requirements: 100%

Outline of Activities in FY2018

[Target] Realize sustainable procurement
[Image]Briefings for suppliers in China

Briefings for suppliers in China

  • Started on-site visits by expert teams to suppliers with assemble works in China to offer procurement diagnoses and started providing support for improvements. (Fujifilm)
  • Achieved elimination of production line stops caused by suppliers’ CSR risks in consecutive years ⇒ Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen Ltd.*1 for four years & FUJIFILM Business Innovation Haiphong for three years.(FUJIFILM Business Innovation)
  • Obtained 100% response rate from suppliers for the conflict minerals survey (in the document business where customer interest is high). (FUJIFILM Business Innovation)
  • *1 For some overseas affiliates, the new names under the FUJIFILM brand are currently in the registration process of the respective countries.
[Target] Ensure compliance with legislation on biodiversity
  • Continued risk assessment of biological resource procurement from the product design stage, based on internal rules (starting in February 2010).

  • Participated in the Taskforce Committee for the Nagoya Protocol under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan (continuous participation since FY2014).

  • Continued risk management for procurement of copier paper, one of our important products, based on internal rules and guidelines (since 2012).

[Other major activities]
  • In June 2018, the Fujifilm Group Human Rights Statement was approved by the CSR Committee (current ESG Committee; headed by the President) to be disclosed.

  • In April 2019, the Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior and the Fujifilm Group Code of Conduct were revised to enhance descriptions concerning respect for human rights. Started dissemination and education including the Human Rights Statement.

  • Conducted the comprehensive human rights impact assessment across the Group and determined the priority in human rights issues to address.

  • Conducted natural capital assessments concerning procurement of copier paper based on the Natural Capital Protocol*2.

  • *2 Natural Capital Protocol: A standardized framework developed by the Natural Capital Coalition (NCC) for businesses to identify, measure and value their impacts and dependencies on natural capital to improve their decision making and strategies. First published in July 2016.

Future Activities and Targets

Since 2018, the CSR procurement that has been successful in our document business has been expanded both in scope and quality across the Group. Although supplier risks are diversifying due to the wide span of our businesses, we continue to communicate with our suppliers to resolve any issues and implement countermeasures to maintain a responsible and sustainable business. Also, following the revision of the Fujifilm Group Basic Concepts and Action Guidelines for Biodiversity Conservation in April 2019, we continue our efforts to preserve biodiversity to sustain the “blessings of nature,” which human beings seek to enjoy into the future.

See the Management Performance for more details on ethical procurement and our FY2019 efforts concerning conflict minerals, human rights, and biodiversity.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management [PDF]

Response to Conflict Minerals

Response to Conflict Minerals [PDF]

Respect for human rights

Human Rights [PDF]

Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity Conservation [PDF]



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The figure below summarizes the CSR activities of the Fujifilm Group from the perspective of the supply chain.