Our Approach to CSR and Related Policies

Procurement Policy

Based on the idea of the Fujifilm Group's Approach to CSR and Human Rights Statement, we uphold the Procurement Policy as a group-wide policy. We believe it is important that the business partners and suppliers, especially production materials suppliers, understand the importance of CSR (environment, human rights, occupational health and safety, corporate ethics, etc.) and work together with us in resolving issues. 

Fujifilm Group Procurement Policy

In all procurement activities, the Fujifilm Group will conduct “Open, Fair, Clear” transactions in compliance with relevant laws and regulations in and outside Japan, paying full considerations to their environmental and social impacts. We will consider suppliers as partners for creating better products, and strive to build mutual trust for co-existence and mutual prosperity.

1. Open

  • We will treat all suppliers, irrespective of nationality, with fairness and ensure that they are given equal business opportunities. We are also committed to considering procurement from new suppliers.
  • We create opportunities for new suppliers who wish to trade with us by periodically reviewing our regular suppliers.
  • We solicit offers only when considering making a purchase order. If asked, we explain, within reasonable and possible limits, our reasons for not accepting an offer or competitive bid.

2. Fair

  • We do not engage in procurement transactions with a direct purpose of having the suppliers purchase our products or services.
  • We strictly manage and strive to preserve the confidentiality of supplier information obtained through procurement transactions.
  • We respect the intellectual property rights of a third party and our suppliers, and do not engage in procurement transactions that lead to the violation of their intellectual property rights.
  • As a rule, we compare offers from multiple suppliers simultaneously to nurture sound competition and select suppliers fairly.

3. Clear

  • We are committed to engaging in fair procurement activities in compliance with laws and regulations in and outside Japan, paying full considerations to perspectives including the environment, human rights, occupational health and safety and corporate ethics across our supply chain.
  • We procure from excellent and trustworthy suppliers selected through comprehensive criteria that include quality, price, delivery time, technological capabilities, services, CSR activities and business continuity across their supply chain.
  • As a rule, we specify terms in written contracts. We sign a master agreement for ongoing transactions and conduct transactions based on it.
  • Our procurement personnel do not permit personal interests to influence relationships with existing or prospective suppliers.

Established in October 2009, Revised in April 2020

Request to Suppliers

The Fujifilm Group recognizes the importance of social responsibility and corporate ethics in undertaking business activities not only within the Group itself but also in partnership with our suppliers as we strive to build stronger partnerships.

The Fujifilm Group's Procurement Policy refers to our commitment to procure from "trustworthy suppliers selected through comprehensive criteria that includes quality, price, delivery time, technological capabilities, CSR activities and business continuity (Procurement Policy 3)." These are suppliers that operate in line with the Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior and Code of Conduct.

Our Charter for Corporate Behavior and Code of Conduct can be found below.
We request all of our business partners to make the policies and requirements known to its employees, subcontractors, and other stakeholders involved in the Fujifilm Group’s business, and to implement them.

Procurement Policy and Request to Suppliers

English Version

PDF: 217KB

Chinese Version

PDF: 504KB

Fujifilm Group Sustainable Procurement Guidelines for Suppliers

Aiming our suppliers can understand the check points for the self-assessment, and promote their management, we offer guidelines which explain the contents of our “Request to Suppliers”

English Version

PDF: 428KB

Chinese Version

PDF: 638KB

Fujifilm Group's stance toward the issue of responsible minerals procurement

The Fujifilm Group is committed to fair trading with regard to the mining and procurement of minerals in full recognition of our social responsibility.

As a member of the global community, the Fujifilm Group perceives human rights violations and environmental destruction associated with mineral mining and trading as one of the serious social issues. We have no intention of using minerals whose mining and trading operations have become funding sources for armed groups or minerals linked to human rights violations and inhumane behaviors.

For minerals produced in conflict affected and high risk areas (CAHRAs), the Fujifilm Group observes the "OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas" to ensure responsible procurement across our supply chain. We are involved in the Responsible Minerals Trade Working Group, set up by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA), so that our activities always meet the level of international requirements. We also use mechanisms and tools defined by the RMI*1 to investigate the history of minerals contained in our products.

In response to customer requests on conflict minerals, reporting of which is obligated by laws and regulations, we provide the results of mineral history investigation, using the RMI. We recommend that our suppliers procure minerals from refineries that have received conflict-free certification from the RMI and other industry organizations.

  • *1 RMI = Responsible Minerals Initiative

For more details on our efforts towards responsible minerals procurement, please refer to this link.

Plans  related to our supply chain