CSR policies

Our Approach to CSR and Related Policies

The Fujifilm Group’s approach to corporate social responsibility is to contribute to the sustainable development of society by putting our Corporate Philosophy into practice through sincere and fair business activities.

We will not only fulfill our economic and legal responsibilities, but also:

  1. endeavor to understand global as well as local environmental and social issues and create value to address these issues through our business activities.

  2. continue to evaluate the environmental and social impact of our business activities and strive to improve the performance while increasing our positive impact on society.

  3. constantly reassess whether our activities are responding adequately to the demands and expectations of society through proactive stakeholder engagement with our stakeholders.

  4. enhance corporate transparency by actively disclosing information

The Fujifilm Group's Approach to CSR

Fujifilm Group established its Approach to CSR in 2006 and revised it in 2014 in step with social changes to promote awareness in and implementation by every employee. We have also established eight Policy statements (Green Policy, Social Contribution Policy, Guidelines for Biodiversity, Procurement Policy, Quality Policy, and Occupational Health, Safety Policy and AI Policy) and facilitated relevant activities under these Policies.

Names of Regulations and Policies Time of Adoption/Revision
Corporate Philosophy Adopted April 2006
Vision Adopted April 2006
Code of Conduct・Charter for Corporate Behavior Revised April 2019
Global Healthcare Code of Conduct Adopted July 2020
Approach to CSR Revised May 2014
Human Rights Statement Revised April 2019
Green Policy (Environmental Policy) Revised April 2019
Social Contribution Policy Revised April 2019
Guidelines for Biodiversity Revised April 2019
Procurement Policy Revised April 2020
Quality Policy Revised April 2019
Occupational Safety and Health Policy Revised April 2019
Global Security Trade Control Policy Adopted May 2015
AI Policy Adopted December 2020

The Roots of CSR are the Trust of Stakeholders and Consideration for the Environment

FUJIFILM Ashigara site located in an environment blessed with copious clean air and water, and its water source and water conservation forest

The Fujifilm Group’s business originated with motion picture photographic film, a product for which lots of clean water and fresh air are essential to the manufacturing process. It is also a product which requires customers to “buy on trust,” since they cannot try it out beforehand. Thus, for the Fujifilm Group, an approach which emphasizes environmental conservation and maintaining the trust of stakeholders has been a major premise at the very foundations of our business activities. This approach is the starting point for our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and continues to be passed down within our Group, as the Fujifilm Group’s “DNA.”

Fujifilm Group established a current Corporate Philosophy and Vision following the shift to a holding company structure in 2006. Founded on the spirit of contribution to advancement of society, improved health, environment protection and enhancement of the quality of life of people, by providing top-quality products and services with open, fair and clear workplace culture and leadingedge, proprietary technologies, we have established the Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior and the Fujifilm Group Code of Conduct and implement them thoroughly throughout the Group.

We revised our Charter for Corporate Behavior and our Code of Conduct in April 2019 to reflect changing social demands and the roles and responsibilities that the Fujifilm Group should fulfill. The Charter for Corporate Behavior states that we will develop our business based on six principles and work proactively toward creating a sustainable society through innovation. Moreover we have made the following statement to encourage all Fujifilm Group employees to commit themselves to the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in their daily business operations: The Fujifilm Group’s Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is to contribute to the sustainable development of society by putting our Corporate Philosophy into practice through sincere and fair business activities.

In July 2020, the Fujifilm Group established the “Fujifilm Group Global Healthcare Code of Conduct” which falls under the Fujifilm Group Code of Conduct and which sets out provisions that must be complied with by officers and employees involved with the healthcare business in order for them to promote proper business activities.  This is to respond to the needs for a higher level of ethics, transparency and fair business activities of society and each country/region’s authority on the healthcare business.

Achieve the Long-Term Goal Set for FY2030, to Contribute to Sustainable Society Development

To celebrate the 80th anniversary in 2014, the Fujifilm Group founded its new corporate slogan, “Value from Innovation,” which seeks to continue creating new technologies, products and services that inspire and excite people everywhere, and empower the potential and expand the horizons of tomorrow’s business and lifestyle.
Under this slogan, we revised the Approach to CSR in 2014 to express that we identify the social challenges and more actively seek their solutions. In the same year, we announced our Medium-Term CSR Plan, Sustainable Value Plan 2016 (SVP 2016), aimed at “solving social issues through our business operation” and our Medium- Term Management Plan, Vision 2016, to serve as the plan for concrete action in achieving the goal. In the three-year period from FY2014 to FY2016, the two Medium-Term Plans were interlinked and produced results for realization of business growth alongside contribution in resolving social issues.

Based on the results and the experiences in the previous medium-term plans, we announced in August 2017 our new CSR Plan, Sustainable Value Plan 2030 (SVP 2030), and the new Medium-Term Management Plan, Vision 2019. SVP 2030 represents the long-term vision of the Fujifilm Group to contribute to create a sustainable society. The target year was set to FY2030 in line with the UNDP Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are targeted at 2030. Also, to achieve the goals of SVP 2030, Vision 2019 shows the Group’s concrete business strategy until FY2019. Rather than focusing only on the growth of our current business operations, the Group plans to invest our management resources into businesses that will drive the Fujifilm Group further in the future, such as healthcare to respond to the unmet medical needs now becoming a major social issue and highly functional materials that aid in resolving environmental problems, and expect this to lead to the next medium-term management plan. 

SVP 2030 is a plan that will lay the foundation of business management at Fujifilm Group. In order to achieve the goals, we will strive to become a company with long scope of perspective, capable of contributing to sustainable growth of society by creating “new values” through our business activities.

VISION 2019, the new Medium-Term Management Plan, lays down three stages of growth, namely “improving profitability,” “accelerating growth” and “investing for the future,” to adapt to the stage of growth of our business operations in the fields of Imaging, Healthcare, Material and Document solutions. Through action to promote “stable generation of cash-flow through improved profitability of each business operation,” “expansion of sales and income through acceleration in growth of the main business operations” and “growth of our future business pillars that become major contributors to our group revenues,” we will built an ever more solid portfolio and pursue growth of the entire Group.