CSR plan

Sustainable Value Plan 2030


The Fujifilm Group announced its Sustainable Value Plan 2030 (SVP2030) in August 2017. The new plan sets targeting FY2030 as its long-term goal, which is expected to lay the foundations of the Group’s business management strategies for sustainable growth. Under SVP2030, the Fujifilm Group will introduce further measures to resolve social issues through our business activities, including the launch of innovative technologies, products and services, in our aim to develop into a company that can make a greater contribution to creating a sustainable society.

Conceptual Diagram of Sustainable Value Plan 2030

SVP2030 Priority Area/Priority Issues (Materiality)

SVP2030 Priority Area and Priority Issues (Materiality)

Characteristics of SVP2030

  • Establishment of long-term goals (FY2030)
    ・To become a corporation that promotes social revolution through innovation involving all employees and action on social issues from a long-term perspective.
    ・2030 was set as the target year for goals which is the base year for international social issues (Paris Agreement and SDGs).
  • Numerical targets for FY2030 defined for global environmental issues
  • 「15 priority issues established in the four areas of the environment, health, daily life, work style, and adding
    supply chain and governance

    ・Priority areas redefined with attention both to "solving social issues through business activities" and "reducing the negative impact of our business activities."
    ・With society and customers demanding that as a global corporation we enhance our management of the entire supply chain from the viewpoint of CSR, "supply chain" has been established as a priority area.
    ・"Governance" has been added as a priority area to further disseminate an open, fair and clear corporate culture.