Our Approach to CSR and Related Policies

Occupational Safety and Health Policy


Fujifilm Group Occupational Safety and Health Policy

The Fujifilm Group operates its businesses based on this policy, considering that the promotion of workers' occupational safety and health is the most important foundation of its corporate activities.

  1. We will consider the occupational safety and health of employees including dispatched workers and contractors as the top priority, and maintain safe, healthy and fit working environments.

  2. We will comply with applicable occupational safety and health laws and self-regulations, such as those designed to prevent workplace accidents and excessive working hours.

  3. We will promote health and productivity management through proactively supporting employees to maintain and enhance their physical and mental health.

  4. We will establish smooth communications between all the Fujifilm Group companies and their employees on promoting occupational safety and health.

  5. We will actively and continuously provide employee education and training on occupational safety and health.

Established in January 2010, Revised in April 2019

Fujifilm Employee Wellness Declaration

To enhance our leading position in consistently demonstrating new value for society, the Fujifilm Group will actively support employee wellness initiatives designed to inspire our employees to improve their physical and mental wellbeing so they can be energetic and have a zest for life in this era of longer life expectancy.

Wellness Strategy

  1. Improve workplace health by promoting healthy lifestyles to help prevent diseases, such as lifestyle diseases and cancer, promoting anti-smoking awareness, and supporting mental health initiatives as well as maintaining appropriate working hours to ensure that employees are healthy in mind and body and can continue living and working energetically.

  2. Actively engage in employee education to promote personal health awareness and provide guidance and encouragement for the maintenance and improvement of wellness.

  3. Promote employee wellness in a manner compatible with the practices of each particular country or region.

  4. Develop and provide innovative healthcare products and services related to prevention, diagnosis and treatment that are designed to improve the health of employees and people worldwide in an era of increasing life expectancy.

  5. Communicate the overall effectiveness of our wellness programs to our stakeholders thereby contributing to the enhanced wellness awareness across society.

Wellness Promotion Structure

The Fujifilm Group will establish a group-wide structure for enhancing the wellness of its employees.

[figure]Wellness Promotion Structure

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