CSR activity report

Work Style

Promote social change where every person is motivated in the workplace through extending our in-house work style reforms.

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Targets for FY2030 Major activities of FY2020 Self-
Contribute to generate the innovation for organizations and society by offering solutions and services that support increasing worker’s productivity and exerting their creativity
  • Launched the ApeosPort, ApeosPort-VII and ApeosPort Print series, supporting individual work styles by improving operability and convenience and strengthening security
  • Established FUJIFILM RIPCORD G.K., a service company driving corporate digital transformation
  • Launched provision of IT Expert Service, an outsourcing service helping SMEs to leverage IT
  • Launched Cloud Collaboration Application for DX Suite, a multifunction device application streamlining digitization of paper forms
  • Expanded service locations for CocoDesk private workspace that supports new work styles
Targets for FY2030 Major activities of FY2020 Self-
Create frameworks and workplaces so that the Fujifilm Group’s diverse employees may exert their capabilities and creativity to the fullest extent
  • FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. opened a domestic sales Center Office and the Bridge for Innovation, a hands-on showroom, in Tokyo, with the purpose of putting new ways of working into practice and to propose optimal work styles to customers
  • Improved the ratio of women in managerial positions (from 14.5% in FY2019 to 15.4% in FY2020)

The urgent requirement for remote working has also triggered a shift from urban to rural area and a review of global supply chains. Elsewhere in the world, an irreversible momentum toward a distributed society is rising, and it is expected that this movement will further diversify people’s values. Capitalizing on our strengths as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)*1 service provider, we offer a range of support for our customers’ Digital Transformation (DX)*2 to contribute to work style reforms in their sites, such as through productivity improvements. At the same time, through our businesses we aim to resolve the social issues that arise from such work style changes.

  • *1 BPO: Subcontracting different business-related operations and processes to a third-party specialist.
  • *2 DX: The dramatic changes in the scope of business and business performance in a corporation brought about by technology.