CSR activity report

Work Style

Promote social change where every person is motivated in the workplace through extending our in-house work style reforms.

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Outline of Activities in FY2019

A personal workspace CocoDesk

  • Started providing CocoDesk, a personal workspace, to support remote working for business persons.
  • Smart Cyber Security Global Networking Service contributed to create a network that covers offices in Japan and overseas.
  • Started demonstration project as a service organizer to the small and medium enterprises Cybersecurity Project (Cybersecurity Support Ranger).
  • Reinforced functions of the Smart Workstream cloud service for secure document sharing among corporations.
  • Offered cloud-based Accounts Payable Management Automation Solution Service to support invoice handling.
  • Concluded a global partnership with U.S. DocuSign, Inc. as the first Japanese company.
  • Held a beginners’ training course on practical data science for employees.

Outline of Activities in FY2018

[Target] Efforts in work style reform in our own company

Promoted work style reform using IT tools. A scene from the WSI: Work Style Reform and IT Tools Festa.

  • Overtime working hours per employee has been reduced by 20% compared to FY2014. (Fujifilm)
  • Implemented measures that give more consideration to employees’ health, such as revising the upper limit of overtime working hours and management-driven initiatives to eliminate long-hour working. (Fujifilm & FUJIFILM Business Innovation)
  • Provided mobile PCs to office-based and sales employees to promote more efficient working. (Fujifilm & FUJIFILM Business Innovation)
  • Promoted work streamlining by utilizing ICT, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Intelligence (BI) tools in offices, and training new employees to use such technologies. (Fujifilm)
  • Provided seminar for all managers concerning efficient working. (Fujifilm)
  • Reinforced and streamlined sales procedures and reformed business processes through companywide reform project. (FUJIFILM Business Innovation)
  • Modified conditions (such as types of work and work locations) for home working for childcare and nursing care and remote working system (effective from April 2019). (FUJIFILM Business Innovation)
[Target] Actions for work style reform for customers
  • Offered solution services to realize Smart Work Innovation*1. (FUJIFILM Business Innovation)

  • Concluded a partnership agreement with Yokohama City to realize Innovation City Yokohama. Conducted demonstration experiments to progress work style reform. (FUJIFILM Business Innovation)

  • *1 Smart Work Innovation: FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s value provision strategy through offering solution services utilizing AI, IoT, and IoH technologies that support our customers’ work style reforms.

Outline of Activities in FY2019

workspace renewal continued in FY2019

  • Following from the previous year, continued workspace renewal to enable more flexible work styles for our employees.
  • Conducted a survey on internal communications and Work Style Innovation (WSI) to gather employees’ opinions about work styles.
  • Percentage of international employees (i.e. non-Japanese) in major positions in the Fujifilm Group 26%(FY2030 target: 35%)
  • Percentage of women in managerial positions in the Fujifilm Group 14.5%(FY2030 target: 25%)
  • Percentage of women in managerial positions in the Fujifilm Group Japan 5.4%(FY2030 target: 15%)
  • Percentage of employees with disabilities according to the group-wide calculation (in Japan) 2.42%(FY2030 target: 2.35%*2
  • Job retention rate three years after returning from childcare leave (in Japan) 92.0%*3(FY2030 target: 100%)
  • Job retention rate three years after returning from nursing care leave (in Japan) 100%*3(FY2030 target: 100%)

Outline of Activities in FY2018

[Target] Increase the rate of international employees (i.e., non-Japanese) in major positions.

Creating workplace where every person is motivated as a part of Work Style Innovation (WSI)

  • Identified important posts in overseas subsidiaries, and started successor training through training programs. (Fujifilm)
  • Aiming at optimized assignments and best use of global human resources, promoted more communications and discussions among HR officers in Europe, North America, China, and the Asia Pacific region. (Fujifilm)
[Target] Improve the rate of women in managerial positions.
  • Percentage of women in executive and managerial positions increased from 3.4% in 2011 to 7.6% in FY2018. (FUJIFILM Business Innovation)

[Target] Continue exceeding the legally stipulated rate of employment of people with disabilities.
  • The rate of employment of people with disabilities in June 2019 was 2.35% (group-wide calculation method under FUJIFILM Holdings).

  • Promoted employment of people with disabilities working together with group companies (workplaces tailored for people with disabilities, etc.). (FUJIFILM Business Innovation)

  • Distributed voice recognition software to help communications for employees with hearing problem. (FUJIFILM Business Innovation)

[Target] Achieve zero retirement of employees caused by nursing care, childbirth, and childcare.
  • Held seminars for employees returning from childcare leave and their managers to raise awareness on how to make their return to work smooth. (Fujifilm)

  • Held specialist seminars to prevent employees quitting their job for nursing care; increased support offices for nursing care. (Fujifilm)

  • Prepared for enhanced home working system for childcare and nursing care (raising the maximum age of children requiring care, expanding system coverage to pregnant employees, and more flexible work locations in the use of the system) (effective from April 2019). (FUJIFILM Business Innovation)

[Other major activities]
  • Accepted intern students from overseas universities. (Fujifilm)

  • Held a cross-industry exchange forum for women managers to support their careers. (FUJIFILM Business Innovation)

  • Distributed a Managers’ Guide to Support Employees in Childcare. (FUJIFILM Business Innovation)

  • *2 The target being reviewed vis-a-vis anticipated change in the legally-stipulated rate of employment of people with disabilities
  • *3 FUJIFILM Corporation

The urgent requirement for remote working has also triggered a shift from urban to rural area and a review of global supply chains. Elsewhere in the world, an irreversible momentum toward a distributed society is rising, and it is expected that this movement will further diversify people’s values. Capitalizing on our strengths as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)*4 service provider, we offer a range of support for our customers’ Digital Transformation (DX)*5 to contribute to work style reforms in their sites, such as through productivity improvements. At the same time, through our businesses we aim to resolve the social issues that arise from such work style changes.

  • *4 BPO: Subcontracting different business-related operations and processes to a third-party specialist.
  • *5 DX: The dramatic changes in the scope of business and business performance in a corporation brought about by technology.