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Social Contribution Activities

Basic Approach

The Fujifilm Group contributes to society through its business operations while interacting proactively with local communities as a corporate citizen, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of society. Utilizing the unique characteristics of our business operations, the Fujifilm Group implements distinctive activities that include creating archives of cultural assets and artistic works (record storage), reproducing historical documents, providing medical devices for use at disaster sites and by emerging nations and support through photography. In addition to these activities, we participate in various other activities to support education and foster coexistence with communities. Continued involvement in these activities makes up an important foundation for the Group’s business activities and for achieving the goals of SVP 2030.

Social Contribution Activities Continued by the Fujifilm Group


Fujifilm UK Ltd. supports the photo exhibition by homeless people in London that is organized by Café Art, with the aim of connecting homeless people with society through photography. QuickSnaps were distributed among the homeless to take pictures on the theme “MyLondon.” More than 200 photographs gathered were displayed. Twenty of the best photographs were selected by the judges and those photographs voted for by more than 5,000 members of the public will be featured in the 2019 MyLondon calendar. These activities are spread to Sydney, Toronto, etc., and the Fujifilm Group is supporting them across the borders. The calendar has sold more than 30,000 copies since 2013, raising money for rough sleepers.


FUJIFILM Dis Ticaret A.S. (FFTR) members participate as volunteers in support of the One Child One Hope Association that establishes libraries for schools. FFTR members collected approximately 1,000 books and in November 2018, established a library in the name of FFTR as a part of the Association’s “One child, one hope, one book, a thousand dreams” project. The Association has reached 142 village schools in 62 cities with thousands of volunteers during the eight years since its foundation. On the day the library was opened, FFTR members visited to celebrate the opening together with the children.

China, Vietnam

Since 1998, the Fujifilm Workers’ Union has been engaged in reforestation activities in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China. In 2017, as the reforestation activities in China supported by Fujifilm (China) Investment Co., Ltd. are now well established, the Union shifted its focus to Vietnam and restoration of the Can Gio mangrove forest. In 2018, the activities in China and Vietnam drew a large number of participants, spreading the scope of the areas covered. The activities are expected to continue into the future, carrying on the reforestation spirit.

South Africa

July 18 marks an important event in South Africa— Mandela Day. The day celebrates the birthday of Mr. Nelson Mandela, former president of the Republic of South Africa, by asking people from across the globe to donate 67 minutes of their time to a charitable cause to mark his 67 years as a politician. Members from FUJIFILM South Africa (Pty) Ltd. (FFZA) visited the Rankelenyane Primary School in Rustenburg on this day to take pictures of all 467 pupils and staff, with the photos printed instantly. Large-sized prints of educational materials were also made for classroom use. Many of the pupils come from poor backgrounds and have never had photographs of themselves. This experience was an invaluable opportunity for the children to experience the joys of photography.

The Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia

In FY2014, Fuji Xerox started with other group companies, offering learning materials in the Philippines to contribute to narrowing educational gaps among children in the emerging countries of the Asia-Pacific. Since then, the activity has expanded into Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. To date, assistance has been provided to some 90,000 children, and the number of employees participating in the activity now exceeds 600. In Vietnam, where educational disparity is an issue, activities have been organized jointly with the international NGO Save the Children. In FY2018, 7,500 books and picture books for preschool children were supplied to kindergartens and primary schools in remote areas to create an environment accessible to 3,000 children. Fostering cooperation with NGOs and businesses, the goal of the entire project is to help 100,000 children by 2023.


As part of its social contribution activities, Fuji Xerox Kyoto Co., Ltd. is engaged in the conservation of cultural inheritance through reproduction of historical documents since 2008. To date, the company has provided reproductions for more than 250 items. In 2018, reproductions were created for Maeda Gen’i Sadamegaki, a historical document from the Toyotomi reign, and Nariaiji Sankei Mandara owned by Nariaiji Temple. In approximating the traditional Japanese shades of gold, white and vermilion, the originals were examined repeatedly. Also, our developers brainstormed to create faithful reproductions. With the theme of “timeless communication,” our reproductions will help conserve diminishing cultures and irreplaceable historical documents for the future and make them fully accessible to a wider community.

Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd. organizes various events to foster a greater understanding and wider acceptance of regenerative medicine. In Gamagori City where the company is located and is working on promoting city development through regenerative medicine, workshops for elementary school children and civic courses in the field are being held each year. In March 2019, the company participated in Health Future Expo 2019, an exposition for local citizens organized as a medical theme park. It has also held workshops for elementary school students. [Photo shows hands-on experiences “To future researchers, Waku-Waku Regenerative Medicine Workshop” held in Gamagori City (left); the Waku-Waku Regenerative Medicine Lab “Cell Culture Workshop” held at Health Future Expo 2019 (right).]


Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. As a result, Fujifilm Group companies in North America support the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation. During National Heart Month (February) in the U.S., FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation (HLUS) launched a national employee fundraising event. The total for employee donations and Fujifilm Matching Funds was $17,000 in the U.S and over $6,500 in Canada. The fundraiser raised more money than any of Fujifilm’s past campaigns in the U.S. On National Wear Red Day®, an event furthering heart disease awareness by wearing red to work, employees of Fujifilm Group companies across the country wore red and hosted heart-healthy events at their locations.


PT. FUJIFILM INDONESIA (FFID) took part in a mangrove planting project on the Seribu Islands, a chain of 108 islands located north of Jakarta that are home to mangroves, sea animals and corals. Participants from FFID planted more than 100 mangrove seedlings and corals. According to local divers, waste from land carried by the floods in Jakarta last year triggered destruction of parts of the mangrove forests. Diligent efforts to help restoration have become vitally important. Through such activities, FFID will continue to contribute to the recovery and conservation of Indonesia’s diverse marine ecosystems.


FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc. (FFSS) is conducting a global health program with FFSS’s diagnostic ultrasound system for areas that cannot access medical care imaging due to social conditions, distance or shortage of funds. One such area is Cuenca, located in the Andes in southern Ecuador. Esperanza (meaning “hope” in Spanish) 2018, a team of more than 60 medical specialists, used the portable diagnostic ultrasound system SonoSite M-Turbo for medical examinations and treatment of adults and children in the poverty-stricken area.

Organized by the Fujifilm Group Workers’ Union’s Federation, volunteer activities aimed at restoring windbreak forests is organized each year to aid in recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. In 2018, 81 persons from 12 organizations participated in the volunteer program that took place in Yotsukura Town, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. Volunteers weeded the area and planted black pine trees to restore the windbreak forest along the coast.

In March 2019, an event by Sanriku Archive Disaster Reduction Center to return photographs and other mementos whose owners could not be identified in the Great East Japan Earthquake took place at Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop, a store located in Harajuku, Tokyo and managed directly by Fujifilm. The Rikuzentakata Memento Return and Photo Exhibition was held at the same time, displaying more than 140 photographs of the Center’s activities and the festivities and landscape of Rikuzentakata before the earthquake disaster.

FUJIFILM Holdings held its annual mail order sales and food tasting event, organized under a labor-management cooperation project across Fujifilm Group companies in Japan (supported by FUJIFILM COOP), for the sale of local products from the Tohoku and Kumamoto regions to Fujifilm Group employees nationwide.

To facilitate social contributions by employees of the Fujifilm Group, the FUJIFILM Holdings Donation Website was launched in November 2018. Fuji Xerox introduced it in FY2013 to accelerate contributions for disaster recovery support in the event of a large-scale natural disaster, and we have now expanded this website on a Group-wide scale. The disaster recovery fund for the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake collected ¥1,400,000.

In 1983, Fujifilm donated 10 billion yen to establish the Charitable Trust Fujifilm Green Fund (FGF) toward nature conservation represented by the beautiful water, air and greenery that we have been protected since our foundation. The FGF is the first charitable trust aimed to conserve nature from a private business in Japan and has been assisting many activities and researches to date.

Fuji Xerox has worked since FY2016 to visualize social impact from our social contribution activities since FY2016.


In FY2012, Fuji Xerox decided to strengthen social contributions that harness the unique qualities of Fuji Xerox as a company In FY2012, Fuji Xerox decided to strengthen social contributions that harness the unique qualities of Fuji Xerox as a company whose ultimate calling is “communications.” The company set out two high-priority management themes to encourage its social contribution activities. These themes are: “Education for future generations,” and “Conservation of diminishing cultures and information.” Through such activities, Fuji Xerox aims to achieve three of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): “#4. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”; “#11. Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all” and “#17. Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.”


Fuji Xerox has measured the social impact of contribution activities in order to understand effects. Specifically, regarding the three projects “Offering Learning Materials in Emerging Countries”, “Reproducing and Utilizing Historical Documents”, “the Mirai Zukuri (future creation) activity in Tono”. Fuji Xerox established a social impact assessment method*1 to quantitatively and qualitatively measure the changes and effects to visualize the social impact. Fuji Xerox then reflected the assessment results utilizing the PDCA cycle, while also sharing them with stakeholders to contribute to resolving problems in local communities. In this way, Fuji Xerox helped communities to further develop over the years.


To evaluate the social impact from our major social contribution activities, including the project to offer learning materials in emerging countries and reproduction and utilization of traditional documents, we created a logic model and made trial assessments.

  • Creating a logic model utilizing the Social Impact Assessment Tool Set.*2

  • Creating a logic model based on a program evaluation approach and a review by Meiji University.
    To enhance the reliability of our own assessments, we asked the Institute for Program Evaluation of Meiji University to review our assessment results in FY2017.

  • Learning the latest trends concerning social impact assessment and contribution to disseminating such methods in Japan. Since FY2017, we have been participating in the Social Impact Management Initiative*3 as a core member of the Case Study Archiving and Utilization Working Group. 

Project to provide learning materials for children in emerging economies

Project to replicate and utilize traditional documents

Future prospects

Valuing dialogues with our stakeholders, we continue improving our social contribution activities based on the results of our social impact assessment in order to contribute to problem solving and development of local communities. We are also considering applying this measurement method across the Fujifilm Group.

  • *1 Determining the value of projects and activities by quantitatively and qualitatively understanding social and environmental changes, benefits, learning, and effects generated as a result of our projects and activities over both the short term and long term.(From the definition of Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group (GSG, previous G8 Social Impact Investment Task Force.)
  • *2 A guidebook for social activity assessment created by GSG.
  • *3 A private-led platform to promote social impact assessment in Japan, established in 2016.

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