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Social Contribution Activities

Basic Approach

The Fujifilm Group contributes to society through its business operations while interacting proactively with local communities as a corporate citizen, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of society. Utilizing the unique characteristics of our business operations, the Fujifilm Group implements distinctive activities that include creating archives of cultural assets and artistic works (record storage), reproducing historical documents, providing medical devices for use at disaster sites and by emerging nations and support through photography. In addition to these activities, we participate in various other activities to support education and foster coexistence with communities. Continued involvement in these activities makes up an important foundation for the Group’s business activities and for achieving the goals of SVP 2030.

Social contribution through business activities

The Fujifilm Group aims to contribute to society by working together with local communities as a good corporate citizen and  responding sincerely to the demands and expectations of those communities.
We focus on the four fields, "Environment", "Education and Research", "Culture, Arts and Sports" and ''Health", which are closely related to our business.

Priority activities in each field (Relation to business)

The Fujifilm Group has always paid attention and protected the environment as clean water and fresh air are essential for our businesses. Environmental issues have a great impact on all our businesses, so we continue social contributions related to environment.

Impact on business (Effects on business and KPIs)

We control the environmental impact on our business and society by setting KPIs for CO2 and waste emissions, and water management.

Priority activities in each field (Relation to business)

Our Group is promoting a range of businesses, and so needs a diversity of human resources. We work with partners and NPOs to foster diversity in the coming generations in the regions where we operate. This will enable us to establish relationships with local communities through the development of human resources and to increase recognition of our Group.

Impact on business (Effects on business and KPIs)

These activities will allow us to enhance our relationship with the regions where we operate and establish the Fujifilm brand. We set the continuity of our business and sales in the region as our KPIs.

Priority activities in each field (Relation to business)

Since our foundation, we have operated a business of photographic films and photosensitive materials to“contribute to society by offering more informative images.” We also focus on Creating Shared Value (CSV) utilizing multifunction devices and latest technologies under the banner of “Valuable communication beyond the times.”

Impact on business (Effects on business and KPIs)

We expect to create further printing demand in photographic products and in the graphic communication business. Our approach should also create new demand for our business innovation areas (former document business). The results will be seen in our sales and profits.

Typical activities (Concrete activities and KPIs)
Priority activities in each field (Relation to business)

We aim to create a healthier society and further develop our healthcare business simultaneously. This will be achieved by promoting disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in emerging and other countries. In this way, we can drive forward our healthcare business, which offers medical products such as mammography systems, diagnostic imaging systems, and medicines. As a part of our social contribution, we are raising health awareness, including disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in emerging countries which encourages people to take health checks and visit doctors. This should enhance the healthcare market. This movement should also increase our reputation in this field and help stable expansion of business development.

Impact on business (Effects on business and KPIs)

We anticipate sustainable growth of the healthcare business. Such business encompasses medical systems, contract development manufacturing of biomedicines, and life sciences. The results will be seen in our sales and profits.

Typical activities (Concrete activities and KPIs)
  • Improving medical accessibility in all 196 countries and regions in the world in which we operate by introducing AI-based medical products and services by 2030.

  • Offering medical training

  • Supporting the Pink Ribbon campaign etc.

Main Continuing Social Contribution Activities


Seventy runners from group companies in Europe participated in the event. In addition, FUJIFILM Europe GmbH provided support for the event as a Silver Sponsor.


FUJIFILM UK Ltd. and WaterAid jointly organized a photo exhibition featuring Madagascar, showing the impact of water and sanitation on everyday living.


The Spain branch of FUJIFILM Europe GmbH cooperated with the Catalan Federation of Minority Diseases and organized a portrait exhibition featuring the Catalan people and fund collection drive in aid of victims of rare diseases afflicting the ethnic minority. 


FUJIFILM (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (FFCN) organized its volunteer tree planting program for the 22nd time. This year, 48 members planted 300 trees with the support of Green China, a welfare project certified by the Chinese government.

U.S.A., Canada

In the employee fund drive organized each year by Group companies in North America, the amount collected reached an alltime high for donations by our local employees, with US$24,670 for a breast cancer charity and US$13,644 for veterans.


FUJIFILM (Thailand) Ltd. organized a workshop and photoshoot trip for children aged 10 to 16, to stimulate creativity, IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence) among children.


To prevent the sexual abuse of children, FUJIFILM India Private Limited held a campaign to promote greater awareness of the issue, in cooperation with an NGO working in the area of welfare for women and children.

The Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia

Since FY2014, FUJIFILM Business Innovation has contributed to narrowing educational gaps among children in the emerging countries of the Asia-Pacific by offering learning materials in cooperation with group companies, NGOs and businesses. (To date, assistance has been provided to some 95 thousand children and the number of employees participating in the activity now exceeds 600.)


PT. FUJIFILM INDONESIA is providing assistance to victims of floods that occurred in Jakarta and visited an orphanage as part of the program. Cookies were given away to children as encouragement gifts.


Fujifilm and Fuji Xerox(currently FUJIFILM Business Innovation) donated a total of ¥15 million as relief money for victims of the typhoons Faxai and Hagibis. 4,000 bottles of Hydro Ag+ Alcohol Spray to prevent infections at evacuation centers were also donated. Roughly ¥1.5 million was received through the employee donation website as well.

Tohoku & Kumamoto food tasting event

FUJIFILM Holdings held its annual mail order sales and food tasting event, organized under a labor-management cooperation project across Fujifilm Group companies in Japan (supported by FUJIFILM COOP), for the sale of local products from the Tohoku and Kumamoto regions to Fujifilm Group employees nationwide. The tasting events held at various worksites were a tremendous success again in FY2019.

In 1983, Fujifilm donated 10 billion yen to establish the Charitable Trust Fujifilm Green Fund (FGF) toward nature conservation represented by the beautiful water, air and greenery that we have been protected since our foundation. The FGF is the first charitable trust aimed to conserve nature from a private business in Japan and has been assisting many activities and researches to date.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation has worked since FY2016 to visualize social impact from our social contribution activities since FY2016.


In FY2012, FUJIFILM Business Innovation decided to strengthen social contributions that harness the unique qualities of FUJIFILM Business Innovation as a company In FY2012, FUJIFILM Business Innovation decided to strengthen social contributions that harness the unique qualities of FUJIFILM Business Innovation as a company whose ultimate calling is “communications.” The company set out two high-priority management themes to encourage its social contribution activities. These themes are: “Education for future generations,” and “Conservation of diminishing cultures and information.” Through such activities, FUJIFILM Business Innovation aims to achieve three of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): “#4. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”; “#11. Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all” and “#17. Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.”


FUJIFILM Business Innovation has measured the social impact of contribution activities in order to understand effects. Specifically, regarding the three projects “Offering Learning Materials in Emerging Countries”, “Reproducing and Utilizing Historical Documents”, “the Mirai Zukuri (future creation) activity in Tono”. FUJIFILM Business Innovation established a social impact assessment method*1 to quantitatively and qualitatively measure the changes and effects to visualize the social impact. FUJIFILM Business Innovation then reflected the assessment results utilizing the PDCA cycle, while also sharing them with stakeholders to contribute to resolving problems in local communities. In this way, FUJIFILM Business Innovation helped communities to further develop over the years.


To evaluate the social impact from our major social contribution activities, including the project to offer learning materials in emerging countries and reproduction and utilization of historical documents, we created a logic model and made trial assessments.

  • Creating a logic model utilizing the Social Impact Assessment Tool Set.*2

  • Creating a logic model based on a program evaluation approach and a review by Meiji University.
    To enhance the reliability of our own assessments, we asked the Institute for Program Evaluation of Meiji University to review our assessment results in FY2017.

  • Learning the latest trends concerning social impact assessment and contribution to disseminating such methods in Japan. Since FY2017, we have been participating in the Social Impact Management Initiative*3 as a core member of the Case Study Archiving and Utilization Working Group. 

Future prospects

Valuing dialogues with our stakeholders, we continue improving our social contribution activities based on the results of our social impact assessment in order to contribute to problem solving and development of local communities. We are also considering applying this measurement method across the Fujifilm Group.

  • *1 Determining the value of projects and activities by quantitatively and qualitatively understanding social and environmental changes, benefits, learning, and effects generated as a result of our projects and activities over both the short term and long term.(From the definition of Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group (GSG, previous G8 Social Impact Investment Task Force.)
  • *2 A guidebook for social activity assessment created by GSG.
  • *3 A private-led platform to promote social impact assessment in Japan, established in 2016.

Activities of each operating company

Photo Rescue Project(Fujifilm)

Shosoin Shogozo Scrolls Archive(Fujifilm)

FUJIFILM Kyushu's Regional Contribution (Fujifilm)

Social Contribution Utilizing Photographic Technology(Fujifilm)

Midori-no-Komichi Environmental Diaries(Fujifilm)


Volunteer Tree Planting Activities(Fujifilm)

System for Supporting Employee Participation in Society(FUJIFILM Business Innovation)

Major Programs for Engagement with Local Communities(FUJIFILM Business Innovation)

Results and Activities in Each Country and Region in FY2019(FUJIFILM Business Innovation)

Creating Societies Resilient To Disaster Risk(FUJIFILM Business Innovation)