Compliance and Risk Management

The Fujifilm Group defines “compliance” as “not only to pursue the law but to behave correctly within the framework of common sense and ethics.” Moreover, we think the promotion of compliance and the management of risk are two sides of the coin, as the lack of compliance awareness among employees would lead to grow the possible corporate risks. For this reason, the following four steps have been implemented in the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle in the drive to increase awareness of compliance.

Promotion Structure

The Fujifilm Group is committed to activities to promote compliance and risk management led by its operating companies, FUJIFILM Corporation and FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp., together with domestic and overseas subsidiaries. In addition, FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation ESG Committee, addresses critical compliance risk issues, by deliberating and implementing countermeasures.

Fujifilm Group Compliance and Risk Management Promotion Structure

Compliance Promotion Policy

We have formulated the Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior and Code of Conduct as the basic policies of the corporate activities. With these policies, we strive to ensure our activities to be carried out in compliance with laws and social ethics, as well as to communicate the priority of compliance in business operations to all employees of the Fujifilm Group through  Compliance Statement.

Risk Management Promotion Policy

To prevent the occurrence of risks, we globally implement risk extraction by each company and the following process for establishing action plans targeting all of Fujifilm Group companies. In the event of an incident, each operating company controls the risk following the predetermined procedure. If the case is serious, the company reports it to the Secretariat of the ESG Committee, FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, in order to minimize the risk across the entire Group.

Risk Extraction and Process for Establishing Action Plans

Milestones in Compliance and Risk Management

Since 1997, the Fujifilm Group has been committed to the establishment and enhancement of compliance and risk management frameworks at each group company. After introducing a holding company system in 2006, we have been actively implementing initiatives for both domestic and overseas sites at the entire group level.

Initiatives to Raise Employees’ Awareness and Monitoring


  • Distribution of the revised Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior and Code of Conduct (Fujifilm Group)
  • Implementation of employee education on the revised Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior and Code of Conduct at a global level (Fujifilm Group)
  • Implementation of the Harassment Awareness Survey for domestic employees (Fujifilm Group)
  • Implementation of safety checks (by raising disaster prevention awareness and confirming the response status) covering domestic division heads, site managers, and employees (FUJIFILM Business Innovation and its subsidiaries)
  • Implementation of compliance awareness-raising activities (through risk extraction by division heads and monitoring by the head office) (FUJIFILM Business Innovation and its subsidiaries)

Establishment of Organizations, Frameworks, and Systems

  • Establishment of the ESG Division (independently from the CSR Group in the Corporate Planning Division) (FUJIFILM Holdings)
  • Renamed the CSR Committee to the ESG Committee (Fujifilm Group)
  • Renamed the CSR Division to the ESG Division (FUJIFILM)
  • Implementation of a web system for domestic group companies to report risk incidents (Risk Incident Reporting System) and commencement of its operation (FUJIFILM and its subsidiaries)

Enforcement of Charters, Codes, and Regulations

  • Revision of the Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior and Code of Conduct (Fujifilm Group)