CSR activity report

Fighting Against COVID-19

The sudden spread of COVID-19 in early 2020 drastically changed people’s lives through the lockdowns and curfews enforced in various countries. In these circumstances, the Fujifilm Group is working hard to help the situation through its various business areas. Our main contribution is through our healthcare business, supporting medical professionals to prevent any collapse in the medical system. In practical terms, we are producing medicines/medical equipment and supporting vaccine development. Utilizing the products, technologies, and services that we have developed to date, we support the people in this “new normal” life. In these special contents, we introduce some activities of the Fujifilm Group’s wide-ranging contributions to society.

[Health] Supporting the Medical Sites in the Areas of Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

[Daily Life] Proposing New Ways of Communication along with New Lifestyle

[Work Style] Supporting Work Styles Not Confined to Time and Place

Assistance under the spread of COVID-19

Other Activities so far

  • * This page has the same contents as Sustainability Report 2020 and 2021.